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        • Learning a foreign language

          Why are foreign languages necessary? What do we gain by learning new languages? Which method is the best for me? Here are some ways how to improve your ability to speak a foreign language which are based on our students´ experience. Here are some things we consider as the most useful when learning a new language.

          Talking with native speakers
          Talking with foreigners might give you a essential experience, as well as new friends and you'll become more self-confident.

          Watching films
          We bet each of you watches movies every few days. Just try watching a foreign movie with the subtitles on and and after a while you won't have problems with expressing your thoughts in foreign language.

          Reading books
          Reading books in foreign language can enrich your vocabulary, it can be helpful for learning grammar and good way to relax.
          Your learning experience has to be fun if you want to learn quickly and effectively. We wish you a lot of luck.

          Learning vocabulary 

          Learning vocabulary is one of the most important parts of learning a language. The more words you know, the more you will be able to express yourself and understand others. In this article I will tell you some fun and effective ways to learn vocabulary.
          Speak with a friend
          Lets not lie to ourselves, we love to speak with our friends. And what is stopping you from speaking with them in different language that you both want to learn?
          Read a lot
          Reading lets you see how words are used in sentences and understand them through context clues. You will learn new words without even realizing it. So choose a book you like, find a calm and comfortable place and have fun learning vocabulary quickly!
          Watch a movie
          And it does not necessarily need to be a movie. You can watch anything you like - game streams, movies, TV series and so on. Why is this an effective way? You can see what is going on on the screen, so it is easier for you to understand what are the actors saying.
          Download a vocabulary learning app
          There is a huge nmber of vocabulary learning apps available for free. They were designed for one particular reason - to teach you the vocabulary. So why not try them?
          Go abroad
          What is better than exploring new places, making new friends, getting to know other cultures and learning vocabulary from native speakers? And if you do not like travelling, there are a lot of programs, in which you can participate, that invite native speakers to explore our country. Either way you will improve not only your vocabulary, but also your communication (and other) skills.



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